Since 1930, the name Lazaridis is found dynamically in scenic construction market in Greece, while our entrance into the cinema world begun in 1958. Since 1973, we have collaborated with most of the Greek TV networks, while in early 90's we initiated collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall, which is still continued. Recently, we cooperated with Jack Morton Public Events in the production of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, by constructing the major wheat field base of the closing ceremony.

Our operation is housed in 2000 square meters of space, located in Markopoulo of Attica. In our studio, we have the ability to construct and assemble all the settings of a production, before their transportation to the theatre. This is one of the most important reasons that many Greek and foreign production designers have entrusted us with the implementation of their Ideas. Some of them are: Mr. N Petropoulos, Mr. N Georgiadis, Mr. D. Zarifis, Mr. G. Patzas, Mr. P.Desyllas, Mr. G. Pantelidakis, Mr. U. Beltzner, Mr. R. Don, Mr. R. Wilson, Mr. G. Hariton and Ms V. Bara.

Bearing in mind an experience of 75 years throughout more than 800 productions, our highly skilled team handles all the projects with commitment, flexibility, creativity, professionalism and attention to the details. Therefore, we are capable to achieve the best results on time and on budget. After all, the primary goal of Lazaridis Scenic Studio is to develop loyal and satisfied customers.

"Realizing Your Vision"