Our multi-year expertise allows us to provice a number of professional  Services to our customers

Architectural Consultation

Our well trained staff will be able to help you with all required information on your construction, renovations and installations.

Our team can work with all types of materials such as aluminum, steel, solid woods, plywood, laminates, plastics, plexiglass and more.
In our office, we house three types work-shops, carpentry,  metal shop and paint shop. Lazaridis Scenic Studio is equipped with all the latest stationary and portable tools needed for modern scenic construction. As a result, we are capable not only to construct and paint all scenery and props, but also to assemble them in our workshop before their installation to your location.

Custom Scenic Fabrication


Manufacturing models is one more of the services offered by our firm, in order to satisfy all the demands by producers or set’s designers.

A set of services, offered even though, the scenery and the props of your production are already built, existing in your warehouse.

Technical Supervision, Installation and Transportation

Superior Project Management

We can ensure the quality of your projects, the accomplishments of your deadlines and your budget. Therefore, we have the ability to satisfy the artistic, technical, budgetary, and scheduling demands of your projects.

CNC routers have changed the way industries fabricate their creations and products by increasing efficiency at its fullest. Using our state of the art CNC Router we can produce 3D objects from non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood forms and model as well as engravings in 2D and 3D.

CNC Router

Multi Anual Experience

Working on domestic and international high budget projects such as the opera “Cavalleria Rusticana” of Athens Concert Hall, the “Closing Ceremony” of Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, and the “2000 Miss Universe Pageant” that took place in Cyprus.



LAZARIDIS SCENIC STUDIO is one of the largest scenery makers in Greece, which serves the show business. Our professional activity focuses on building sets, theatrical equipment and stage mechanisms, and all the equipment required for a contemporary theater.
Taking into account our 75 years of experience, which stems from our participation in more than 2,000 productions; our specialized staff has successfully completed the largest and most demanding production of scenery with dedication, flexibility, creativity, professionalism, paying attention to the details.
All scenery constructions are fulfilled in our privately owned facilities in a 500m2 building, within 5 acres plot. In our buildings, we can process materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and Plexiglas, while we are equipped with all the modern machines and tools needed to create and complete a set, including among others, CNC Router, Vacuum, Torno and Goneastra. Our many years of experience together with the great projects that have been trusted by large groups and institutions, demonstrate the technical excellence and the safety of our working product, while at the same time, it also demonstrates our ability to deliver the best possible results within tight time-schedules and budgets.

Realizing your Vision

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